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Wildly Organic was founded by two young adventurers from Minnesota.

Seeking inspiration and longing for a more sustainable lifestyle, they began a new life in the wilderness. The peace and seclusion of the Wilderness inspired them to study nutrition and organic foods specific impact on the body. They built their own home, and created a solar power production system to help bring their ideal organic foods to life.

Passionate about the growth of their new found mission, they began to contact growers and suppliers who shared their values. They were inspired by the lack of high quality and proper coconut oil products on the market and began to investigate how to cultivate sustainably sourced coconut products.

It’s been nearly two decades and Wildly Organic has blossomed into the international powerhouse we know today. Wildly Organic sustainably sources products from all over the world. All coconut products are sourced from sustainable farmers in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. The organic and raw cacao products are safely sourced from the Dominican Republic and Peru. The dry mangoes are sourced from family owned farms in Mexico.

Along with being sustainably sourced and organic, Wildly Organic strives to offer completely raw products. Raw foods are food products that are not cooked, pasteurized, or processed using high heat. While there is no regulated standard for “raw” food, Wildly Organic designates products as “raw” if they have been processed at temperatures under 118°F.

Each and every product is certified organic and has also been fundamental in supporting the Keto diet during its popular growth.

Community support and Wildly Organic products are always Peter Rubi approved.

Peter Rubi believes that the food we serve you should not just touch your plate, but also your soul. Thank you for loving our vendors as much as we do.