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A fiery love story between a passionate Hoff and a fierce Pepper. 

Aaron “Hoff” and Michelle “Pepper” Hoffman are the hot sauce extraordinaire of Chattanooga, Tennessee and their latest business venture is on fire with flavor! These two foodies wanted to create the most versatile, and delicious hot sauces without sacrificing healthy ingredients. 

In 2013, Hoff was on a quest to develop the perfect everyday hot sauce when he magically concocted their first creation. Handcrafted with farm fresh Jalapeños and Habaneros, Hoff’s original Hoff Sauce has gone on to win numerous awards and receive praise nationwide from the plant based and paleo community!

Hoff & Pepper sauces were inspired by the bold flavors of peppers and herbs when they are picked at the peak of the season. 

Each Hoff & Pepper product is made uniquely by hand and does not undergo any fermentation in order to harbor its original flavor.  They are made with fresh, locally grown peppers, with limited ingredients and no additives or preservatives. Each and every pepper is picked at the peak of season to ensure freshness and optimum flavor. 

Aaron and Michelle wanted to give their customers taste buds a ride for their money with fresh and unique flavors that are occasionally unexpected. They formulated their Wake Up Call hot sauce with actual coffee beans. This hot sauce packs the ultimate punch with your plant based breakfast.

Creative endeavors and memorable hot sauce is always Peter Rubi approved.