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Every Body Eat


Trish Thomas’s life took a drastic turn at 40 years old. Not long after the birth of her first child, her body began to change. Assuming these drastic changes were from birth, Trish overlooked her symptoms in hopes that her body would naturally begin to heal.

After consuming red wine and shrimp after dinner one evening, Trish began to feel drastically ill and was immediately rushed to the hospital. Trish was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Hashimoto’s. Hashimotos’ is an autoimmune disease that causes total body inflammation and fatigue. Over time, Hashimoto’s can destroy the body's thyroid and overall function.

Hashimoto’s can also begin to destroy the proper bacteria to optimize digestion which can later lead to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or other digestive disorders.

This news hit home for Trish. Food was her love language. As a mother of 6 boys, cooking and sharing homemade comfort food was a way to connect and relax after a long day. Trish wanted to make the proper dietary changes to heal her body holistically without feeling that she was alone in the process. After all, food is a form of communication, gathering, and sharing enjoyment together.

Knowing that she could not face this journey alone, Trish began to intentionally meet other women, and mothers, with her same struggle. Trish quickly bonded with Nicole Wilson, a gluten intolerant foodie who was conquering her food sensitivities one recipe at a time.

Fueled by their personal trials, and a longing to provide a solution for those that share their struggle, Every Body Eats Crackers was born.

Every Body Eats is a passion fueled cracker made with pure and wholesome ingredients. Each ingredient is specifically selected to ensure it is high quality, easily digestible, and deliciously beneficial to consume. Trish and Nicole strategically avoid all 15 ingredients associated with food allergies, such as wheat, dairy, and peanuts.

Each cracker flavor is craveable, comforting and familiar. Their Cheese-Less Cheese cracker is often a staple for many of our Peter Rubi mothers seeking a healthy snack alternative for their children.

Super Hero Mom’s that stick together and Every Body Eats Crackers are always Peter Rubi approved.

Peter Rubi believes that the food we serve you should not just touch your plate, but also your soul. Thank you for loving our vendors as much as we do.