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Dandy Blend

Make your morning dandy again

God blesses us with a new sunrise every day. Why not bless your body with a new form of energy?

Dandy Blend’s star ingredient is dandelion root. Dr. Peter Gail set out to create a coffee alternative after researching on how various cultures use backyard weeds as both food and medicine. Dandelion Root is one of the most edible wild plants in the United States. Dandelion Root is believed to assist the body in soothing the nervous system, detoxing the liver, and calming an overly acidic stomach.

Dr. Gail created Dandy Blend to be a soluble liquid at any temperature. Dandy Blend can be placed over ice to create a replacement for your cold brew or whipped to perfection like your morning cappuccino.

It’s been 25 years since Dr. Gail’s creation, but our morning routine at Peter Rubi has been changed forever.

Dandy Blend and sacred morning routines are Peter Rubi Approved.
Peter Rubi believes that the food we serve you should not just touch your plate, but also your soul. Thank you for loving our vendors as much as we do.