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Artisan Tropic

A different type of crunch

The Guzman family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina with their big family values, and their big dreams.

20 years after their arrival, the Guzman’s were faced with their daughter Maria’s autoimmune disease. Maria, lovingly nicknamed “Maca” began to focus on tackling her autoimmune disease symptoms by incorporating more nutritious foods into her diet.

Originally from Colombia, the Guzman’s began to focus on creating a naturally vitamin enriched snack for Maca from cassava flour and plantains. The end result was so delicious, they decided to share it with the world. We are so glad they did.

Artisan Tropics is a delightfully crunchy and filling snack that pairs well with any of our in-house dips. Both kid-friendly and carb-friendly, Artisan Tropics is one of the most popular snacks here at Peter Rubi.

Artisan Tropic and snacking with purpose are Peter Rubi Approved.
Peter Rubi believes that the food we serve you should not just touch your plate, but also your soul. Thank you for loving our vendors as much as we do.