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The Plant Based Journey | Jim Gray

We would like to share a story about a friend of many of us here at Peter Rubi and his journey to becoming plant-based. Jim is a great person who also is the one runs the Facebook group Peter Rubi Running Club. Thanks Jim, for sharing your inspirational story!

In January of 2014, I was at a very low point. For 20 years I had been taking blood pressure medicines. I was taking 4 of them a day and my pressure was generally around 140/90. I also took a cholesterol medication. For me though, the worst part was the chronic migraines that I had. They started out a long time ago very infrequently. They progressed to the point where I was having them close to half of every month. They would last 3 days at a time and no pain meds would help. Because of the migraines, I was not working out, I was calling off of work, and in general my life was suffering. I gained weight and at my highest, I was up to 220 lbs.

I tried several diets and nothing worked for me. I was at a point where I had to do something, or who knows where I would be today. At the urging of a family member, I tried a 28 day plant-based challenge. During that initial 28 days I had 0 migraines!

Initially, I thought, either I wouldn’t make the 28 days, or I would do the 28 and go back to my normal way of eating. Having no migraines was such a big change so I decided to do the 28 days once more. After experiencing even more results, I continued to eat plant based.

I was also starting to feel good, and my blood pressure was getting low. I was able to stop all 4 blood pressure medicines I was taking*. I also stopped taking my cholesterol medication and my numbers have been under 140 in total every year since. Most importantly my migraines are completely GONE!

That spring I was feeling good, had energy, and was looking for something to do. I signed up for the Chicago Marathon Lottery. I was not a runner at all, but figured I would train if I got in. I assumed I wouldn’t get it, but I DID!

I began running, and running, and running, and fell in love with the process. I ran my first ever race in October of 2014, The Chicago Marathon. I loved it and since then I have ran multiple marathons, ultramarathons, and half marathons. I also chose to run every day out of pure enjoyment.

I am healthy and happy and I am loving life with my new plant based diet.

This is a before and after picture. The right is September 2018 the left is shortly before going plant-based about 6 years ago.

If you would like to join Peter Rubi Running club and meet some wonderful people who support and run with you, visit the group by clicking HERE.

*Please consult a medical professional before making any major dietary or other medical changes.