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The Dynamin Duo

The Dynamic Duo

Over the past year and a half, an unbreakable friendship was created in Peter Rubi's "heart of the house". Angela Florman and Toni Smith, two of our most enthusiastic employees have been hard at work creating delicious new products. They prepare our plant-based homemade items such as mouth-watering guacamole, fruit dip, and garlic hummus that add the perfect touch to your dinner table.

Both Angela and Toni attended Joliet Junior College Culinary School and love preparing food. The two have bonded over their mutual education, their interest in true crime shows, love of shopping at Old Navy and Target, and amusement in speaking in different accents throughout their entire shifts.

Toni describes their friendship as, “It’s like when you first meet someone and you know right away that you can be yourself.”

Toni grew up spending a lot of time in the garden with her grandparents. Disliking the dirt that gathered under her fingernails, she put her hands to work in the kitchen instead. From these experiences, Toni developed a passion for cooking and creating amazing recipes for others to enjoy! As for her home life, Toni and her husband Scott have been together since they were only 16 and 17-years-old. They have four dogs, with their shih tzu, Wookie “running the show.”


Angela grew up in Joliet, playing the clarinet in her high school band. Angela has been married to her husband, KJ, for five years. Together they have two children, Graham and Clementine. When Angela isn’t cooking or baking something delicious, she’s teaching her kids. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Angela has taken charge of her children’s education, making sure they are on track for when it is safe to continue public schooling once again. The Florman family also has an adorable dog named Ted!

Although the two have had many jobs in the past (Angela being a cake decorator and Toni being a country club chef, for example) Peter Rubi has been their favorite place to work at. They say work doesn’t feel like "work" because they love their job so much.

After working with each other for almost two years now, they’ve created many memories. Their contagious laughter and hilarious antics have anyone who passes through the kitchen laughing along with them every day they work together.

As for role models, they both claim they don’t look up to anyone specific.

“However,” Toni jokes, “I look up to Angela because I’m only five feet tall.”

The two are clearly inseparable and make the perfect team.

“At the end of the day we love each other,” Angela laughs.

Toni: “She makes my job easier.”

Angela: “And she makes my job easier. Because we are…”

Both: “The dynamic duo.”

These amazing women create a positive work environment at Peter Rubi as they encourage each other and are always checking up on one another. Thank you, Toni and Angela for continuously working hard and being optimistic. Without these ladies, Peter Rubi would not be complete!

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My name is Mireya Sol Ruiz. I began working at Peter Rubi when I was 16-years-old in August of 2017 as a sales associate. In addition to working in the store, I also contribute to our marketing team! I attend Baylor University as a Pre-Business Marketing major, with a double major in Journalism on a Public Relations track. Working at Peter Rubi has completely changed my life, from learning how to feed my body nutritious food to inspiring me to pursue a business degree. Peter Rubi has provided me with a family to laugh and lean on, I couldn’t imagine how my life would look like if I hadn’t worked at this store!