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Food for thought about living fruitfully, honoring those around you, and recipes that prove healthy is delicious.

3 unique and Keto friendly veggies to grill this Memorial Day

Memorial Day is usually a Keto dieters dream holiday. In 2018, data reported by revealed just how much money Americans (who were engulfed by the keto diet trend during this time) spent on meat during Memorial Day weekend.

Over $775 million dollars was spent on beef products such as burgers or steak; and nearly $200 million was spent on pork hotdogs alone. Ironically (or not) the sale of anti-acids and digestive enzyme supplements also reflected a $50 million dollar increase in sales.

We at Peter Rubi are determined to help our Keto family members achieve their weight loss and health goals without the sacrifice of real fiber this Memorial Day weekend.

Getting Creative in the Kitchen

Getting Creative in the Kitchen When I first discovered Peter Rubi, thanks to my daughter-in-law Lindsay, I was impressed with the great selection and deals! The amazing basket deals found their way into my cart with every trip and I could usually find any fruit or vegetable I needed for a recipe. Being a plant-based cook and eater, this store spoke to me! I find myself spending a lot of time in that area of the store, staring at the offerings and thinking, “Hmm, I wonder how I could use this.” Initially, I didn’t pay much attention to the items...

Perfect Pores Requires Produce

Did you know your trip to Peter Rubi could also double as a Spa Day? Feed your body and beauty skin care routine with these simple plant based staple items. Avocados: Lovingly referred to as 'Dinosaur Eggs' this super food is packed with Vitamin E, which assists the body in fighting inflammation by protecting your skin from oxidative damage. The healthy fat in Avocados can also assist in creating a more hydrated and firm appearance to the skin. (1)   Avocado Skin 'Smooth-ing' Recipe 1 Avocado 1 Frozen Banana 1/2 Cup Frozen Cauliflower 1 Date 2 Mint Leaves 1 Teaspoon...