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What In The World Is Kombucha?

What’s the buzz about this fizzy new Kombucha drink people keep talking about? 
According to Jayme Henderson at, "Kombucha is effervescent, tart, and slightly sweet. Depending on the added flavors, it can even taste fruity, floral, spicy, or herbaceous. It has a flavor profile similar to sparkling apple cider but with a more pronounced sour taste. After the tea is fermented, the finished drink actually doesn’t taste like brewed tea anymore."
Kombucha’s bubbles come from fermentation, an act of combining yeast, sugar, tea and time. Healthy bacteria thrive in this environment, getting happier the longer they spend with their pals, Yeast and Sugar. It’s normal for a film to develop on the surface of the tea as it ferments, referred to as a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). Tiny pieces of the SCOBY often end up in bottled Kombucha, taking on a cloudy appearance at the bottom of the bottle. It looks a little strange, but it’s perfectly safe!
Adding Kombucha to your diet won’t just add a tangy-delicious punch to your daily hydration, it may improve your gut health and energy levels as well! 
Here at Peter Rubi, we’ve searched high and low for the cleanest, best tasting, all-around best Kombucha we could find. Our favorite is made by our friend Matt over at Kombuchade. He brews seven brilliantly fizzy flavors, all of which are organic and made right here in sweet-home Chicago.
Have you had Kombucha before? What is your favorite flavor combination? What questions do you have about this unique beverage? 
We can’t wait to hear from you! 
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