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Immune Booster Series - Elderberry

Immune Booster Series - Elderberry

Did you know Elderberry boosts our immune system?

Sambucus Nigra, otherwise known as Elderberry, is a shrub/small tree that produces fruit. Elderberry has been used for years in traditional herbal medicine for headaches, congestion, the common cold, and the flu.

How does it work?

Elderberry’s proposed role is to inhibit viral growth early in the virus’s replication process as well as act as an antimicrobial. This means it can potentially reduce the virus/bacteria from infecting more cells. It is also proposed that elderberry initiates the immune response so that the body can amp up its fighting capabilities towards infections!

Pretty cool right?

Unfortunately, there haven’t been many human studies on the effects of elderberry; however, the studies that have been conducted showcased a decrease in the severity of harmful symptoms as well as decreased duration of an infection. The majority of the studies conducted tested mainly flu strains, suggesting that the use of elderberry can decrease symptoms by 3-5 days when compared to those who did not supplement elderberry!

Elderberry is a great antioxidant that helps regulate the inflammatory response, therefore aiding immune modulation. In conjunction with other immune approaches, elderberry may be an important medicinal plant to strengthen immune health!

A Spoonful of Sugar…

… is not necessary to help this natural, immune-boosting “medicine” go down! Elderberry can often be found in syrup form, and is simply taken straight from the bottle on a spoon! Elderberry syrup has a sweet-tart taste with earthy undertones!

Elderberry syrup is available in store! Be sure to get your hands this immune-boosting product!

About the Author:

Julia Roller

Hello! I am a current student studying chiropractic care at National University of Health Sciences. I graduated from the University of Nebraska with a Bachelor’s in Nutrition and Dietetics. I had the privilege to swim for the university, which further inspired me to continue my education toward manual therapy. The majority of my education has been focused on how to treat chronic disease or chronic problems. I started to get frustrated with the fact that so many people struggle with chronic back problems and chronic health problems. This inspired me to further my education with acupuncture and a functional medicine program, which I am currently enrolled in. The health world can be hard to navigate with many opinions or biased research on the Internet. My goal is to empower individuals with evidence-based research so that we all can start preventing and healing disease and chronic pain.