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The Lessons We've Learned - Celebrating our Peter Rubi Mom, Maria Graves

The Lessons We've Learned - Celebrating our Peter Rubi Mom, Maria Graves

Hi friends! It’s Joni again, the daughter of Maria Graves. This is our second blog post celebrating mama Maria this Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Part 2

What lessons has Maria taught you?

Joni, daughter of Maria:

Mom has taught me to enjoy life. She often reminds me that life is about the journey, not as much about the destination. She redirects me to consider others when I am self-focused. Just recently, she helped me think about others. One morning she said, “Joni, next time, can you ask if I want tea or toast too?” A simple question, but an important perspective to show love to others in little ways.

She also taught me to own my health and empower myself through education and cultivating lifestyle habits. I’m thankful for all the health lessons and healthy lifestyle habits shared with me over the years as she helped dad fight against cancer.

Kacie, second oldest daughter of Maria:

If I may describe the many invaluable lessons that my mother has taught me, I simply list the following: My mom has taught me to stay true to who you are, what you believe in, and to hold tight onto hope. To believe in God, and no matter what- always give your all. Throughout life, my mother has taught us to not just weather the storms but to expect sunshine. Even in desolate times, she held true to truth.

All in all, her life is splashed with a bright array of colors. She’s given us an open canvas and taught us to dance through life.

Toni, the oldest daughter of Maria:

I value her fierce and shameless raw emotions. She taught me to feel everything deeply and to do all that I do with passion or not at all. She taught me to be me, stick to my values and beliefs, and not apologize for it.

Jacqueline, employee of Peter Rubi and “adopted daughter”:

Maria has really taught me how to not take “no” for an answer, to truly fight for what you believe in and stand your ground when your integrity or belief systems are on the line.

Alyssa, close family friend:

Maria has taught me to trust my gut and care for it ;) She lives with such confidence that you can’t help but become more self-assured in her presence! She truly lives out physical, emotional, and spiritual health!

What lessons has your mom taught you?