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Our Favorite Memories with Mama Maria

Hi there! It's Joni again, the youngest daughter of Maria Graves! This is our third and final blog post celebrating my mom this Mother's Day! If you haven't checked out our previous two posts, do so to find inspiration to send some love to your mom!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Part 3

What is one of your favorite recent memories with Maria?

Joni, daughter of Maria:

One of my favorite recent memories with mom is when we traveled through Switzerland together with dad this past fall. I specifically loved the times hiking in the Swiss Alps. It was hilarious how much mom was scared to fall off a cliff - so much so that she started crawling up the mountain haha! Although, she got braver as the days went on. I loved all the memories we had driving through the Alps in awe of the beauty of God’s creation and our deep conversations shared along the way. There was much laughter we shared on that trip. I will treasure that lasting joy.

Toni, daughter of Maria:

One of my recent memories with my mom that I treasure is a simple one: A short walk in the back of her house. I was able to see her stop worrying and caring for everyone else, lighting up and radiating joy as she showed me her daily routine of mediation and peace.

Andrew, employee of Peter Rubi and family friend:

My favorite memory of Maria is one that shows her serious eagerness for perfection. I don’t have one particular memory of her, rather a dozen of them working shifts focused on enhancing Peter Rubi’s grocery section. Maria was always thinking about new ways to perfect the grocery section of the store. Many of those times she needed help from me due to the height difference between us. It was always a joy to work with her. I’m thankful that she welcomed me to the store about a year ago and always has a positive outlook on life.

Jacqueline, employee of Peter Rubi and "adopted daughter":

My most favorite memory? Our spontaneous and highly competitive hula hoop contests in the middle of the workday!

What is your favorite memory with your mom?