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Healthy Habits Transformation Series Kickoff | Meet Jacqueline Roller

The first day of school marks the start of a new chapter, arguably more so than the New Year. The back-to-school season isn’t just for K-12 and college kids, but for all of us. After all, we are life-long learners, aren’t we?

The dozens of yellow school buses I saw on my drive to work this morning got me pondering about what this year’s fresh start will look like for me. What challenges will I be faced with? What opportunities await? Which habits will I be returning to? What new routines do I want to cultivate?

My 2018-2019 school year began with an abrupt redirect before summer had even ended. On August 10th, my dad died unexpectedly at the age of 49. Without warning, his heart simply stopped beating. Losing him so suddenly felt as if a bomb had been detonated in the middle of my life. Surrendering in prayer became my coping mechanism.

With this act of surrendering came the realization that I had a choice to make.

Choice One: 

Continue subscribing to classes like....

Work Takes Precedence Over Family

Self Care is For Rich People 

Addiction to Stress is an Adulthood Requirement

Choice Two:

Stop being stressed, miserable, sick, and lonely all the time. Follow God and trust the journey.

Well, obviously I chose the second option. God is a generous and thoughtful teacher, but man, does He mean business.

The prerequisites? 

  • Leaving my stressful job that held my personal time hostage without having a backup plan.

  • Letting go of inconsistent relationships that did not serve me.

  • Abandoning limiting beliefs about why I couldn’t take care of my mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. 

What was He making room for? 

  • A job where I’d find community and purpose (Peter Rubi)

  • Supportive friendships who actively and positively participate in my life

  • The awareness that I have no choice but to keep my cup full if I can ever expect to pour from it. 

I completed my prerequisites within two months of the initial surrendering which meant I was officially ready to begin my new course-load by November 1st. It was a pretty intense school year to say the least.

In fact, I’m taking some of the same courses this year, just to make sure they stick.

Home Economics: Building a Consistent Meal Plan To Fuel - Not Harm - Your Body. Key Word: Consistent

Art: Mastering the Craft of Not “Shoulding” on Yourself - Differentiating Between Needs, Wants, & Tolerations

Speech: Maintaining Boundaries Once You’ve Said “No” The First Time. Not Apologizing for Saying No. 

Gym: It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect, Just Move Your Body. Bonus Points if You Have Fun Doing It. 

Math: Each Day is a Word Problem: “If You Have 24 Hours and Sleep For 8 of Them…”

As we make the transition these next few weeks into our fall routines, notice which classes you are choosing to enroll in. Does this class empower and challenge you? Who did you choose as your teacher? What are you hoping to learn?

Make this year count, classmates! 



Grocery Manager & Wearer of Many Hats 

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