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God Doesn't Give Us Anything We Can't Handle

There’s nothing more special than the bond between a father and his daughter. For me, I definitely was a daddy’s girl.

From the hilarious jokes we’d bounce back and forth to each other, to the strong faith in God we shared: my dad and I, Rangel, had an unbreakable bond. I could convince him to do anything with me. Convincing him to dance in the daddy-daughter segment of my annual dance recital in a wig and blinged-out shovel to “Gold-Digger” is still my greatest bargain.

He was my best friend and could make me laugh through anything - even when I thought I’d broken my arm one summer. He rushed me to the hospital and while turning on music to distract me managed to confuse my terrible singing for cries of pain. I couldn’t help but laugh with him. 

Sometimes life isn’t fair but God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle. Today, I live by that phrase. My brother’s leukemia was definitely one of the most difficult obstacles my family has had to overcome. After he went into remission, we thought we would only continue to see light from that point moving forward, but that wasn’t the end to my family’s many challenges.

The separation of my parents was more real for me, but seeing how it affected my dad was even more distressing to witness. As my dad turned to alcohol to release his pain I saw first hand how the devil would try to bring him down. One night he lost control behind the wheel. Doctors couldn’t believe his survival, but instead of the car just flipping him around, he flipped his life around. 

After serving community service hours at church for his accident, he found that the sermons were speaking to him and felt the beautifully orchestrated singing echo in his soul. He gained consciousness of his life and completely took back control with God right by his side.

God doesn’t walk away from us. When He feels distant, without realizing most of the time, it’s us who are walking away. Our anxiety, hurt or anger that’s stinging in our lives draws us away from God, especially when we don’t turn to Him to ease our struggles. But we need to remember He remains still and constant, waiting for us to come running back to His arms every single time. 

Even as the devil tried to pull my dad down, I knew in my heart that it wouldn’t be the end of his fight. I knew God had great plans for him when I witnessed his arms pumped in the sky on the day of his baptism. 

I have always believed in God, but I didn’t realize how real and valuable He was until I saw the real change He had made in my dad’s life. As I saw Him work through his life and the way He would prophesize through him, I decided to follow my dad’s footsteps and declare my faith. My own dad baptized me. I couldn’t even tell you what song the band was playing or who was watching, it was so surreal. From being submerged underwater to being pulled up as the water pushed off my shoulders, I felt it. I felt every miserable, heart aching pain in my life release from me. I felt so free and I got to share that moment with my dad. From that point on I knew I would never doubt God again and that I would trust every move He made in my life, because behind every move there’s purpose to prepare me for something far greater than I can ever imagine. 

But again, that wasn’t the happy ending I thought I would have. It wasn’t long until I met another bump in the road. On August 20, 2016 at 4:23 a.m. I received a call from my aunt to rush to the hospital. That day I learned I lost my dad to a heart attack. After everything that had happened, I couldn’t possibly believe another challenge could be thrown my way. But then I remembered how much he adored the Lord and how he has led me on the journey I was meant for all along. I can’t thank him enough for the life he has given me and for the love he has provided me with All of this however didn’t prevent it from hurting immensely when I lost him.

Working at Peter Rubi has taught me how to live a healthy lifestyle and how meat could be detrimental to our health. As my curiosity grew, I decided to do my own research and learned eating a plant-based diet could prevent me from heart disease. When meat enters our system, the fat deposits into our blood, clogging our arteries from proper blood flow. It pains me to learn this information after my father has passed and I wonder what I would have done if I knew this information sooner. Could it have saved his life? Or given a few him a few more years? This small piece of information could have a significant impact in your life, and also those you love.

In the end, I trust God’s plan. I do wish I had the chance to say goodbye or tell my dad I love him one last time, but I know I’ll see him again and will get that chance to tell him a billion more times in eternity.

My name is Mireya Sol Ruiz. I began working at Peter Rubi when I was 16-years-old in August of 2017 as a sales associate. In addition to working in the store, I also contribute to our marketing team! I attend Baylor University as a Pre-Business Marketing major, with a double major in Journalism on a Public Relations track. Working at Peter Rubi has completely changed my life, from learning how to feed my body nutritious food to inspiring me to pursue a business degree. Peter Rubi has provided me with a family to laugh and lean on, I couldn’t imagine how my life would look like if I hadn’t worked at this store!