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Expressing Gratitude for our Peter Rubi Mom, Maria Graves

Expressing Gratitude for our Peter Rubi Mom, Maria Graves

Hey there! This is Joni Graves, the daughter of Maria Graves! For Mother’s Day this year, my creative team and I at Peter Rubi thought it would be special to surprise my mom and write a series of blog posts focused on my mom, written by some of her children and Peter Rubi staff. We hope this inspires you to write a card, send a message, make a call, cook a meal, send a gift..anything special to celebrate and send love to your mother!

Why are you thankful for Maria?

Joni, daughter of Maria:

There are countless reasons. She loves people freely, especially her children. Love flows from her and is always genuine and tender. She is willing to drop what she is doing and help people in need. To put it simply, she puts others before herself.

I’m also thankful for her outgoing, positive spirit. She reminds me to not be overwhelmed with life and see it as a gift. I tend to worry a lot, so I don’t know what I would do without her gentle reminders to breathe in and enjoy life.

Lastly, mom is incredibly devoted to health and helping others with their health. She is constantly researching, and I’m always learning something new about what a life of wellness looks like from her. These little health nuggets picked up day after day have equipped and empowered me for a life of wellness. And that, I could never put a price on.

The Graves Family

Toni, daughter of Maria:

I am thankful for her being my mom. She is a wonderful, caring, loving, genuine, selfless mother to me and I know that not everyone has a mom or a great one at that. I am grateful she pushed me beyond the ordinary and taught me to always choose love.

Sarah, employee of Peter Rubi:

I'm thankful for your mom because she has always been so incredibly kind to me throughout my entire 3 years of working at Peter Rubi. Not only has she always cared about my success but she always takes the time to check up on me and my mental health. She's always listened to me and my troubles and given great and inspiring advice. She truly is my work mom!

Your mom taught me that I can't take life so seriously. My whole life I always felt like I needed to have a set plan and that's really just not how it works. Maria taught me that if you just continue to work hard and have faith that things will be alright, then they will be. That was some MUCH needed advice for me and I always try to keep it in mind when I start getting in my own head!

Annemarie, employee of Peter Rubi and family friend:

When I think of Maria, I think of these things: energy, passion, and love. I call Maria the Peter Rubi tornado. She always comes in with so much positive energy, whether it is for re-organizing, working in the store, or a spontaneous hula-hooping session held at headquarters. No one can match Maria’s passion for plant-based living, Jesus’ love, and the power of Peter Rubi to make a difference in people’s lives. And finally, love. Everything she does comes from a place of love. Her smile and energy simply exude it. Thank you for being such a wonderful, shining beacon of awesomeness!

Jacqueline, employee of Peter Rubi and “adopted” daughter:

Although I’ve only known Maria for a year and a half, she has definitely become like family! I am so thankful that she has opened her home and her heart to me. She is a woman on mission - she has a fierce devotion to God and has been a cornerstone for me in deepening my own faith. From the weekly bible studies, we had last year, to the passionate debates about which products we should bring into the store, to heartfelt mentorship out on the back porch in a moment of need - I am so thankful for Maria’s stubborn love and soul-comforting cooking talents! I love you, Maria!

Why are you thankful for the moms in your life?