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Food for thought about living fruitfully, honoring those around you, and recipes that prove healthy is delicious.

Expressing Gratitude for our Peter Rubi Mom, Maria Graves

My mom is incredibly devoted to health and helping others with their health. She is constantly researching, and I’m always learning something new about what a life of wellness looks like from her. These little health nuggets picked up day after day have equipped and empowered me for a life of wellness. And that, I could never put a price on.

Our Favorite Memories with Mama Maria

One of my recent memories with my mom that I treasure is a simple one: A short walk in the back of her house. I was able to see her stop worrying and caring for everyone else, lighting up and radiating joy as she showed me her daily routine of mediation and peace.

God Doesn't Give Us Anything We Can't Handle

There’s nothing more special than the bond between a father and his daughter. For me, I definitely was a daddy’s girl. From the hilarious jokes we’d bounce back and forth to each other, to the strong faith in God we shared: my dad and I, Rangel, had an unbreakable bond. I could convince him to do anything with me. Convincing him to dance in the daddy-daughter segment of my annual dance recital in a wig and blinged-out shovel to “Gold-Digger” is still my greatest bargain. He was my best friend and could make me laugh through anything - even when...

Independence Forever

Fireworks. BBQ. Corn on the cob and watermelon. Our Independence Day celebrations might not look exactly like John Adams imagined, but they’re typically pretty close.