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Happy Father's Day John!

A big part of what makes working for Peter Rubi a meaningful experience is owner, John Graves’ leadership & mentorship. For many here, he is our “work dad”. For Father’s Day this year, we wanted to share our stories of appreciation for our fearless leader. 

Dear John,


We have been together for many years I believe 35 years now! I still feel like we are kids learning how to navigate this life together! I am so grateful that God gave me you! You are always there to hold my hand when life gets too tough and most of all I know without a doubt you have my back! These last several years God has really put us through the fire! I see the ‘Whys’ better every day but what I see most is how God has grown and molded you into what you would say: “a warrior!” You are fearless for Him!! You have allowed cancer to grow and not cripple you, to give others hope! Happy Father’s Day!



Happy Father’s Day! It's amazing to see how much life has changed over the years and how you have grown as a man of God. I'm always inspired by your contagious joy and relentless passion in the day to day life. Thank you for continually encouraging me to pursue my passions and what God calls me to in each season of life. You and mom are my biggest fans when it comes to music. It really makes all the difference. Praise God you are alive and cancer free today. I’m excited to see where He leads us and the family over the next decades of our lives. I love you so much Dad! Keep being you!



John has been more to me than just an employer and a boss. He has been a mentor, father figure and friend. John has been there to give me wisdom in my times of need. As well as push me when I thought I couldn’t give any more. What I appreciate most about him is his ability to listen and not judge. Thank you for all you do and Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Graves!



John is my HERO! Yes, he’s a workaholic, but in an “Energizer Bunny” kind of way. 

Not only did he inspire me to start a plant-based journey, he set the example to motivate me to abandon sugar altogether! We love you John... Oh yesss we DO...



I thank John for all the wisdom that he imparts to all of us here at Peter Rubi from how to pick the right watermelon for a customer to having a down-to-earth meeting with suggestions on how to work better while having a bowl of oatmeal with berries, honey and cloves. Happy Father's Day!

-Mary Grace

I've worked for Peter Rubi for three years now and I feel genuinely lucky to have a boss as great as John! John is always looking out for his staff and giving them opportunities to grow. There's hardly a work-day that goes by where I don't learn something new from John whether it's about produce or about life in general. He is truly an educator at heart, not to mention he's a joy to be around! He makes me enjoy my job even more so thank you John!



John has always been there to help me when I needed it. I have learned a lot from him throughout my time working at Peter Rubi. He has helped me grow in a positive way and move forward after my time at Peter Rubi.


Working at Peter Rubi for the past three years has been a blessing; not all can say they love their very first job. I thank John for creating an environment that allows me to be myself and be loved by the community I am surrounded with. I truly look up to John and his success. He has a way with his words and as he’s taught me, “Sometimes silence has more words than words themselves.” As a marketing major, he has taught me to look at things from a different perspective. I also thank him for opening his home to me, feeding me delicious food, guiding me on my faith journey, and taking me to the market to learn. He is constantly opening new doors for me and teaching me how to better myself. As my dad has passed away almost four years ago, I am thankful to have a father-figure like John to look up to and teach me things my dad didn’t have the chance to. Happy Father’s Day John!

-Mireya Sol

John is a great boss with a kind heart. He always looks for ways to better me as an employee and also as a person. He encourages me often, and always asks me how I’m doing. I appreciate and respect how much he cares for his store and his employees. I remember after working 13 hour day he brought me and my coworkers food. And when I returned from a 3 month long trip, he welcomed me back with open arms, and was excited to hear about my travels overseas. He’s such a good role model, and father figure!


When God brought me to Peter Rubi in October of 2018, my father had just passed away and I had an enormous void in my heart. John quickly became a father figure for me; offering up dad hugs in the moments I needed them the most. He has been one of my most influential mentors, helping me grow professionally, spiritually, and interpersonally over the last year and a half. The culture he has cultivated here is one that truly feels like a family: we eat together, we pray together, and we argue about just about everything. Because of John’s leadership, Peter Rubi is a place where for the first time in my life I know I belong in every sense of the word,  and I feel like my life has a greater purpose. Thank you, John - for everything you have done and been for me. Thank you for opening your home and family to me as your “adopted daughter”. I am forever grateful. 



I’m going to offer my opinion on John's father-like leadership on this Father's day. A produce store without a father figure is like a foot without a big toe. And John is always here to be that big toe for us. I think that we owe a big round of applause to our oldest, bestest buddy, and big toe…John Graves! 


I've only been working for this company for two months, and I don't know John that well.  When I first started he thought I was going to run away, but I didn't and I won't.  I respect him a lot, but he respects me too. I'm thankful that he welcomed me to the Peter Rubi family.


As one of the newest members of the Peter Rubi team, John has been nothing but kind and welcoming to me. Seeing the way he truly treats every employee like family is so inspiring! He’s everything a good father should be to both his own daughters and the family he’s created at Peter Rubi: fearless, protective, a great listener, compassionate, and always ready to laugh! Seeing his drive for this business and the way he pours his whole heart into it is really the core of what brings everyone together. Happy Father’s Day John! You really are the “dad” of this crazy, amazing Peter Rubi family!


Not many have the privilege to work for someone who is loving, kind and a great teacher. John has always made me feel like a part of his family and has been an amazing mentor for us all here at Peter Rubi. John’s dedication to this store proves how encouraging and supportive he is to those he cares about. Whether he is making us laugh through Facebook Live or in person, John always finds a way to make everyone smile.  Thank you for being an amazing boss and friend. Happy Father’s Day! 

- Magdalena


John always shows compassion and is genuinely interested in the well-being of his customers and staff. He isn’t too proud as an owner to not get his hands dirty. I've seen him do everything from running a register to washing dishes. He is always there for his team, no matter what the circumstances are. I love our little dance parties in the kitchen and being able to sit down and eat lunch with him. He has become a crucial part of our monthly prep team pot lucks, even though he only brings the same roasted potatoes every month. I love John for John. He truly is a rare gem of a person. My favorite memory with John is writing a letter to Jeffree Star and shipping out a Peter Rubi box to him when he had broken up with his partner. John always asks "what's the tea" and watches Jeffree Star videos with Angela and I during lunches.


John is the most caring owner I have ever met. He cares about every single employee that works at Peter Rubi. He pushes us to be our best and always has a helping hand. You always know when John has entered the building with his big greetings. We love you, Juanito! Enjoy your day! 


John kind of reminds me of my own dad. He's kind, funny, and gives good advice. John cares about everyone at Peter Rubi and is a great leader. He helps make working a lot more fun.


Mr. Graves You always go above and beyond to make us happy. I am so happy to have joined you and this company. I hope you have a great Father’s Day! You deserve it!



I grew up with a father figure in my life. For that I am very appreciative, and understand what is expected from me if I ever choose parenthood. Growing with Peter Rubi it has given me the opportunity to build a relationship with John. Laughs and getting yelled at. Being taught and being understood. John has shown me another aspect of being a father figure in my life. To appreciate what God has given us and to share our knowledge and our mission with others.



In my two years of working at Peter Rubi, I have learned so much from John. He has taught me so much about fruit of course, but he’s also taught me important life lessons. From him, I have learned what hard work really looks like and under his guidance I believe that I have become a better leader. I am really grateful for my job at Peter Rubi and getting to know John as a person. Happy Father’s Day John!!! Hope your day is very special!! Thank you for everything you do!!


I have worked with John at Peter Rubi for the past two years. During my time working with him, he has always treated everyone with respect and kindness.  He always explains why things should be done in a certain way, leading everyone to always be conscious of what they are doing and the impact of their actions.



I think it’s hard to do justice  what John means to many people at Peter Rubi, he has taught me just as much about fruit as he has life values and holding yourself to a standard. He has taught me that growth in a company is just as important as growth between the people you surround yourself. Just like many other people I’ve seen John as a father figure for many years now, and the greatest defining quality he boasts is his compassion that brings with him everywhere.



Since I have met John, he has always seemed a little intimidating but that’s never taken away from the honest and caring personality he has. He’s never been shy to stop what he’s doing and teach you. He’s somebody that genuinely cares about shaping you into a better version of yourself. A father figure that many would be grateful to have!



Spiritually, personally and professionally John supports each and every one of us as if we were his own. I have high respect for John because of the endless ways he challenges each individual to help develop them into being a better person and performer. John demands respect and also gives it right back tenfold and as A father figure this is huge..... To give and receive... To push and to take with ultimate love for one a other as human beings and equals... I thank John for everything he does for his family, my family, our Peter Rubi family and the communities we live within together



A memory of John that stands out to me is the Monday after all the rioting & protests started, You could tell that things were weighing heavy on John’s mind. Instead of doing his usual FB Live, he brought all the employees together for a prayer. I truly appreciated the gesture & his raw emotions that he shared with us.


HAPPY FATHERS DAY! Thank you for taking a chance on me, and allowing me to become part of the Peter Rubi family! 


I appreciate and enjoy the time John spends sitting down and enjoying a meal with everyone. Especially his insistence that everyone be a part of it.


John is the type of person who pushes you out of your comfort zone because he wants to see you grow. He's very understanding to his workers in the sense that he knows there are other events going on in people's lives outside of the workplace.


John has always been there to help me when I needed it. I have learned a lot from him throughout my time working at Peter Rubi. He has helped me grow in a positive way and move forward after my time at Peter Rubi.



Thank you John for always being there for me. Whenever I needed any help you were always there for me. I always look up to you and I will continue to do that. Happy Father’s Day!



What I have learned from John so far is to always find ways to help other people out. While I’ve only been here for a short amount of time he has already made it feel like home!


Happy Father’s Day John ! Thanks for always looking out for me and making me feel at home here.


John is so knowledgeable about his store and all of his products and always makes sure his employees are too. He is so nice to everyone and is always willing to listen and answer any questions you may have. He has taught me so many little things and people skills to make sure that every customer that comes in to Peter Rubi has a great experience and wants to come back.