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Flourishing From The Inside Out

Flourishing From The Inside Out

Kaitlin Soto is the owner and operator of Flourish Juice Co. in Joliet, IL. She is dedicated to educating others on how to improve their quality of life through nutrition.

How Flourish Juice Started

"Before I started Flourish Juice, I was not in a good place all around; I did not have a job and had a difficult time finding personal, financial, and emotional stability."

Life changed for Kaitlin in May of 2016 when her son, Carson, was born.

Kaitlin wanted to do what was best for her son; and knew pursuing her passion and gifts in nutrition would be the tool to do so. It was time to do what she was created to do.

Taking a risk, 3 months later, she started Flourish Juice. Her motivation, however, was not driven solely for her son's future stability, she also sought to help people along the way.

"Just like my community was there to help me in difficult times, I wanted to give back to my community. I could not believe the number of people that did not know how good healthy fruits and vegetables are for us and how to cook with them! With my degree in nutrition, I knew I could help empower communities and families through nutritional advocacy and education."

Just as she teaches her son that plant-based foods actually taste delicious, she desires to do the same for other communities. As a result, Flourish Juice has evolved into a vessel that transforms peoples' lives one juice drink at a time.

***Flourish juices are available for weekly pre-order and pick up at our Plainfield, IL store.​

Orders placed by Tuesday will be available for pick up on Saturday of the same week.

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