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Apples to Apples: What is Each Apple Famous For?

Apple season is the star of the show every September here at Peter Rubi. Our market feels refreshed every fall with each shipment of freshly delivered apples. We encourage our customers to truly find the apple of their eye this fall season. Whether you're making a fresh batch of Apple Tea or a freshly baked Apple Pie, we at Peter Rubi are here to help you bite into the apple of your dreams.

Whether you throw them in a meal or eat them plain - apples are the perfect fall snack or addition to any recipe. Did you know eating an apple in the morning may help wake you up even more than a cup of coffee? Packed with natural sugars, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fiber, you'll feel full and energized for longer.

Fuji Apples: The Fuji Apple is abundantly sweet with a mild flavor. If you're looking for the best tasting "raw" apple, picking up a pound of Fuji Apples is the way to go. These apples are best sliced over a spinach salad or dipped in our famous Georgia Grinder's peanut butter.

Granny Smith Apples: This apple is crisp in flavor with just a touch of tartness. Apple's are often used by gourmet chefs in more savory dishes. Shredding a Granny Smith Apple to mix inside of a potato pancake or with breakfast hash browns is the perfect way to add some extra fiber to a traditional comfort food.

Pink Lady Apples: 
This apple bursts with flavor and energy in every bite. Naturally rich in hydration, this apple has a balanced flavor of both sweet and bitter. This apple would be perfect to boil for a sweet and natural apple tea.

Honeycrisp Apples:
This apple is famous for it's ability to make the perfect apple cider. Light in texture but sweet like honey, this apple is often the most popular apple choice of the season. 

Envy Apples: This apple is famous for appearing on a teacher's desk in old movies, or being the center piece of a fruit bowl on display. This apple is rich in color (often a very dark red!) and tough in texture. This apple is best sliced for optimal sweetness and would work well for any candy apple recipe.

Red Delicious: This apple is a popular choice for plant based bakers. This apple is sweet in taste and soft in texture. This apple goes well in pies and baked goods. If you're looking to find the perfect apple to create the optimal apple cinnamon muffin this season, look no further. 

Jonagold Apple:
The Jonagold apple is a cross between a tart Jonathan apple and a sweet Golden Delicious apple. This apple is perfect for fruit salad as it's taste is mild yet pleasant. 

Although each apple varies in flavor, it's important to know that every apple is a healthy apple. Although green apples are naturally higher in fiber, apples that are red tend to have more antioxidants. We apple-laud you for choosing Peter Rubi Market as your go-to apple orchard this season.