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Food for thought about living fruitfully, honoring those around you, and recipes that prove healthy is delicious.

Apples to Apples: What is Each Apple Famous For?

Apple season is the star of the show every September here at Peter Rubi. Our market feels refreshed every fall with each shipment of freshly delivered apples. We encourage our customers to truly find the apple of their eye this fall season. Whether you're making a fresh batch of Apple Tea or a freshly baked Apple Pie, we at Peter Rubi are here to help you bite into the apple of your dreams.

Top 5 Plant-Based Cinco De Mayo Meat Substitutes

Top 5 Plant-Based Cinco De Mayo Meat Substitutes Cinco De Mayo is quickly approaching! Looking for plant-based options to celebrate this Mexican holiday? Look no further! Here are our top 5 plant-based Cinco De Mayo meat substitutes: 1. Cauliflower Have you ever tried cauliflower tacos? Instead of making a meat-based taco, substitute roasted cauliflower instead! Cauliflower is a great option because it provides texture and can be seasoned to possess a meat-like flavor! Here is a link to a great recipe: Photo in courtesy from 2. Plant-based Queso Dip Our queso dip is made primarily of raw, organic...

Flourishing From The Inside Out

Kaitlin Soto is the owner and operator of Flourish Juice Co. in Joliet, IL. She is dedicated to educating others on how to improve their quality of life through nutrition.

A Beautiful Sunrise Morning

A Beautiful Sunrise Morning The beauty of the morning sunrise inspires me to remember to live each day with joy. Time is precious. Often, we do not realize how precious life is until we are told we do not have much time left. I will always remember the words from the doctor's call on January 9, 2013, "John, is Maria also there?” “Yes," Maria answered. The doctor’s voice echoed the words no one ever wants to hear, "John, you have cancer. It is a high-grade, undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma - stage three.” One phone call, one diagnosis, one moment in time,...

We already miss you, Melanie.

Once and awhile, God introduces a new path for some of our family members here at Peter Rubi. God has invited Melanie on a new adventure in North Carolina. After some tears, reflection, and begging from Jacqueline to potentially stay in Illinois - it is time to say goodbye to our dear friend and family member, Melanie Romel.